EGS Foundation was organized in 2008 to support the growth and awareness of near surface geophysics in North America and throughout the world. Two special funds have been organized for individual members, and one for corporate sponsors to kick off the Foundation. Contributions can also be made for specific applications of projects. The EEGS Foundation has applied to the Internal Revenue Service for 5013C tax-free status, and is awaiting confirmation, for the benefit of our U.S. membership. Contact a Foundation Board member for details (see

Suggested Donation Amounts:
$50 for Individual Memberships
$2,500 for Corporate Memberships

2014 Message from the President:

December 12, 2014


As you may know, this has been a year of ups and downs for EEGS, and those of us in the EEGS Foundation have shared the ride with the rest of EEGS membership.  For those who thought that EEGS was going to become part of a larger society, and perhaps have waited to contribute because of the proposed merger, please be assured:  EEGS and the EEGS Foundation are here to stay for the long haul! Fortunately, the EEGS Foundation Board has maintained a very steady path and we have not waivered from our goals of fund-raising and supporting appropriate projects in this year.

The Foundation raised over $9,000 through its auctions at SAGEEP this year (A big thanks to those companies and individuals who donated items!) and continues to solicit contributions from outside sources. We are slowly building our financial base to the point where we can have a significant impact in helping EEGS with the programs that are of interest to you, the members. The Foundation sponsored the Student Event at SAGEEP 2014 in Boston. This event is organized each year to provide a venue where students interested in near-surface geophysics can mingle with each other and representatives from industry. It’s a great social and networking opportunity for them and their possible employers. Plans are underway to support a similar event at SAGEEP 2015 in Austin, Texas.

We have a new web site ( where anyone can review who we are (that’s you and us), what we’re doing and what we envision accomplishing in the future. It also provides us a portal for merchandise and credit card donations.  Our goal can be briefly summarized as promoting near surface geophysics, and EEGS remains the only society that is exclusively dedicated to serving the near surface community.

There is a part of you in this Foundation and it makes a difference whether you continue to fund it or not. We need your contribution in order to do the things we are tasked with doing and, as importantly, a donation from you keeps you connected with those efforts.  Your suggestions for designation of Foundation funds or for potential donors are always welcomed and appreciated.  

I congratulate all who have nurtured us to this point and I hope that you’ll add a donation to the EEGS Foundation with your annual membership renewal in EEGS this year.

Dennis Mills
EEGS Foundation