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Current Issue March, 2021 Vol. 26.1

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Editors' Foreword

It is our tremendous pleasure and honor to take over as the new co-editors in chief of the Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics (JEEG). We wish to thank the previous editor, Dr. Dale Rucker, for his dedicated effort, which is an increas-ingly recognized journal with an impressive impact factor of 3.3. We also express heartfelt appreciation to all editors and reviewers, whose expertise and guidance have been essential in ensuring that the journal maintains its high standards and rigor.  

Our goal is to keep up the good work! There are always new developments within scientific publishing, so the journal will gradually introduce some new features. We will continue to attract more high-quality manuscripts from all over the world. Finally, we will ensure that we are providing the best possible service to our authors and readers.

Afshin Aghayan, Editor
Aleksandra Varnavina, Editor

JEEG  March, 2021 Articles Published Online

Michael Kiernan, Dan Jackson, Jack Montgomery, J. Brian Anderson, Brannon W. McDonald and Kaye Chancellor Davis
Characterization of a Karst Site using Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Seismic Full Waveform Inversion 

Shenglin Li, Pingsong Zhang and Chaoqiang Xi  
Impulse Processing Algorithm for Random Source Signals of Roadheaders That is Based on Compound Interferometry

Diquan Li and Qiaoxun Zhang  
Application of the Wide Field Electromagnetic Method for Oil and Gas Exploration in a Red-bed Basin of South China 

Arseny Shlykov, Alexander Saraev, Sudha Agrahari, Bulent Tezkan and Akarsh Singh
One-dimensional Laterally Constrained Joint Anisotropic Inversion of CSRMT and ERT Data  

Xiaoyue Cao, Xin Huang, Changchun Yin, Liangjun Yan and Bo Zhang  
3D MT Anisotropic Inversion Based on Unstructured Finite-element Method  

Near Surface Geophysical Letters

Dong Yi, Cheng Jiulong, Xue Junjie, Wen Laifu, Chen Tao, Wang Huijie, Chen Zhi and Tian Chuxiao  
Research on Pseudo-2D Joint Inversion of TEM and CSAMT Based on Well Log Constraint  

Weiqiang Liu, Rujun Chen and Liangyong Yang
Cole-Cole Model Parameter Estimation from Multi-frequency Complex Resistivity Spectrum Based on the Artificial Neural Network

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