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Current Issue September, 2021 Vol. 26.3

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Editors' Foreword 

The summer went by so fast! We hope it was a
very productive summer for you, as it was for us. Many fieldworks have been completed, so it is now time to wrap up reports and showcase the new research. We would usually be happy to review your research work and consider it for publication at the JEEG. The editors and reviewers have been putting their best effort into reviewing high-quality manuscripts quickly and efficiently.

It is our honor to introduce the following best reviewers of the JEEG vol. 26, issue 3: Dr. Amalia Kokkinaki (University of San Francisco), Dr. Falae
Philips Omowumi (Co-founder and Lead Tutor of Philster Delight Academy), Dr. Giulio Vignoli (University of Cagliari), Dr. Joost van der Neut (Delft University of Technology), Dr. Rashed Poormirzaee (Urmia University of Technology), Dr. Vanessa Nenna (ExxonMobil). We greatly appreciate their time and efforts.

As for the news, we will make a special issue announcement later this year. The announcement will be posted on the JEEG website, so please stay tuned.

Afshin Aghayan, Editor
Aleksandra Varnavina, Editor

JEEG September, 2021 Articles Published Online

Zonaed Sazal, Ahmed Ismail and Jason Thomason
Seismic Shear-Wave Characterization of Sand and Gravel Groundwater Aquifers in Northern Illinois

Antonio E. Cameron and Camelia C. Knapp
A New Approach to Predict Hydrogeological Parameters Using Shear Waves from the Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves Method

Zhengyu Liu, Yongheng Zhang, Xinxin Zhang, Huaihong Wang, Lichao Nie, Xinji Xu, Ning Wang and Ningbo Li
Time Series Data Inversion and Monitoring Method for Cross-Hole ERT Based on an Improved Extended Kalman Filter

Nataliya V. Yurkevich, Svetlana B. Bortnikova, Vladimir V. Olenchenko, Tatyana A. Fedorova, Yuri G. Karin, Aleksey V. Edelev, Polina S. Osipova and Olga P. Saeva
Time-Lapse Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Soil-Gas Measurements on Abandoned Mine Tailings Under a Highly Continental Climate, Western Siberia, Russia

Zhang Huan-Lan and Wang Bao-Li
Multi-Scale Pseudo-Bending Raytracing for Arbitrary Complex Media

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