SAGEEP 2018 Luncheons and Conference Events 



Geoscientists Without Borders® (GWB) Luncheon - Monday 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.


Paul Bauman will speak at the luncheon about Geophysical Exploration for Groundwater at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in the Turkana Desert, Kenya.  Generally, water exploration methods in East Africa have changed little since the 1960s. This program demonstrates that modern approaches can result in significantly improved water well drilling success rates, improved water quality, and a dramatically improved overall understanding of the geology and hydrogeology of a given area.

Paul  Bauman is the Technical Director of the Near Surface Geophysics group at Advisian WorleyParsons, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Paul started the group in 1990, and has since managed or co-managed the group.  Paul is a Professional Geophysicist and Professional Engineer with over 30 years of geophysical exploration experience in the environmental, engineering, water resource, mining, oil and gas, and archaeology disciplines.  Paul has a B.Sc.E. in Geological Engineering from Princeton, and an M.Sc. in Earth Sciences from the University of Waterloo.   Paul has appeared in a number of documentaries and television series including the National Geographic Television special Finding Atlantis, two NOVA documentaries (Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land and Holocaust Escape Tunnel [Nov., 2017]), the documentary Deadly Deception at Sobibor, the six episode Discovery series Finding Escobar’s Millions (Nov. 2017), the soon to be released The Good Nazi, and Finding Water (Jan., 2018), which is about the GWB water exploration program in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.  Besides Kakuma, Paul has worked and volunteered his services on numerous other geophysical and groundwater humanitarian relief projects for refugees, migrants, and internally displaced persons (IDPs) including in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Uganda.  Most of these programs have included a significant portion of teaching and field training.
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EEGS Luncheon - Tuesday 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.

The Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS) will hold its Annual Meeting at the EEGS luncheon.  The Executive Board of EEGS will provide an update on the state of our society, followed by a panel discussion of the five year plan the Board of Directors has made for EEGS.  Representatives from EAGE will join us to elaborate on intersocietal collaboration and partnership planned for upcoming symposiums.  The Board is looking forward to this official unveiling of the next phase of SAGEEP and will use this open forum to provide attendees a first look at plans for SAGEEP 2019 and beyond.

Conference Activities

Exhibitors Outdoor Equipment Demonstrations - Tuesday Afternoon

The Outdoor Demonstrations, featuring instruments from conference exhibitors, will be held adjacent to The Hermitage dinner venue.  Come and see the latest and greatest and talk to people who are knowledgeable, ready to demonstrate and willing to supply you with your equipment of choice!  There will also be a small area where service providers will exhibit instruments used for ordnance detection and classification.  These instruments are not for sale and may not be seen in the exhibit hall, but should be of interest to the broader geophysical community.  

Conference Event at The Hermitage - Tuesday Evening

On Tuesday, we will be having a barbeque meal with a highly-touted bluegrass band on the property of The Hermitage, mansion of former U.S. President Andrew Jackson (1829-1837).  Bus transportation will be provided at no cost and those interested will be able to join a guided tour of the mansion for an additional fee.  The evening begins with beer and wine outside the Cabin by the Spring.  Then, it's inside for the typical Nashville barbeque fare, a well-regarded bluegrass band  (Doug Laymon says, ‘bluegrass music can’t generally be considered background music’), but we can assure you that this will be a highlight of the meeting!  After that a local instructor will lead those who are interested in line dancing.  Bring your boots!  All of this is available to you for only $40 (only $30 for students)!!! How can you miss it??? 

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Student Event  at Douglas Corner Cafe - Sunday Evening March 25 -  7:30-9:30 p.m.

Have we got a true "taste of Nashville" in store for those who join fellow SAGEEP attendees for a night out at the Douglas Corner Cafe!  Known for its great sound, Douglas Cafe is the perfect venue for the entertainment lineup.  Four hit music singer/songwriters, specially selected for our group will perform their songs - many written for well known artists - and tell their stories.  Light snacks (including pizza) will be served and a drink ticket per person is included.  Must have a SAGEEP badge - bus transportation included.  Non-students welcome and encouraged to attend!  

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The EEGS Foundation

SAGEEP 2018 Foundation Silent Auctions! 

The 2018 SAGEEP conference is scheduled for March 25-29 in Nashville, Tennessee and looks to be a great conference - and a lot of fun! As part of this year's festivities and building on past events the EEGS Foundation plans to again sponsor a Silent Auction. Past year's auctions have been very beneficial to the EEGS Foundation. We ask that you consider donating an item that can be sold to the highest bidder at the auction. All proceeds will benefit the EEGS Foundation. The EEGS Foundation is a 501(3)c charitable organization chartered to encourage the use of geophysical technologies and to aid those who endeavor to learn more about them:

Great auction items could include art, jewelry, mineral samples, gift baskets, vacation days at a hotel, portable electronics, signed sports, movie, or music memorabilia, fine wine or liquor, outdoors equipment, books, geophysical equipment and software, and gift cards and gift certificates. Think outside the box and donate now to this fun SAGEEP Silent Auction event! These gifts can come from individuals or organizations (talk to your employer!). You may also participate in the auction by purchasing one of these items, so you'll want to come prepared with your check or credit card!

The items can be mailed in advance (contact Jackie Jacoby regarding logistics) or brought to the registration desk at the beginning of the conference preferably before Sunday's Ice Breaker event. Details on contributing items and tax benefits can be found via this link!page4/cfvg . Everything will be on display throughout the conference starting with Sunday evenings Ice Breaker and winners will be announced in the Exhibit Area on Wednesday at the mid-morning break. Once the item is purchased, you can take it with you or have it shipped (postage will be at additional expense to the purchaser).

Please contact Doug Laymon ([email protected]) if you would like any additional information on the auction.

The EEGS Foundation has received sponsorship support from two different organizations to purchase tickets to the Grand Ole Opry and a Nashville Predators NHL game.  Because the tickets were purchased early, the seats are superb.  Both events occur on Tuesday evening, so you might have to miss part of the Conference Evening at The Hermitage if you win.  Silent Auction winners for the Grand Ole Opry and the Nashville Pedators tickets will be announced at the end of the Icebreaker on Sunday evening.